The cw-orchestrator package is a scripting tool designed to simplify interactions with CosmWasm smart contracts. By providing a set of macros that generate type-safe interfaces for your contracts, it not only enhances the code’s readability and maintainability but also reduces testing and deployment overhead. These interfaces can be seamlessly combined into a single object, fostering easier integration and collaboration.

Furthermore, cw-orchestrator allows for code reusability between testing and deployments, making it our primary tool in enabling Abstract’s infrastructure to be highly available.


Here’s a snippet that sets up the complete Abstract SDK framework on a cw-multi-test environment, and deploys the Counter App to the App store.

fn main() {
// Create a sender and instantiate the mock environment
let sender = Addr::unchecked("sender");
let mock = Mock::new(&sender);

// Construct the counter interface (a wrapper around the contract's entry points)
let contract = CounterApp::new(COUNTER_ID, mock.clone());

// Deploy Abstract to the mock
let abstr_deployment = Abstract::deploy_on(mock, sender.to_string())?;

// Create a new account to install the app onto
let account =
        .create_default_account(GovernanceDetails::Monarchy {
            monarch: sender.to_string(),

// Claim the namespace so app can be deployed
    .claim_namespace(1, "my-namespace".to_string())?;

// Deploy the app!

For more details on how to use cw-orchestrator, please refer to the cw-orchestrator Documentation, where you can find a quick start and a detailed guide on how to use the tool with your smart contracts, supported chains and more. Also, check out the cw-orchestrator Github Repo for more details about the tool’s code.