Subscription App


This app allows users to create subscriptions that other people can subscribe to. Users provide funds when they subscribe and those funds are used to pay for the subscription for as long as the funds don’t run out.

When a user does’n top-up their balance, an external call is made to the subscription contract to cancel the subscription. The admin can opt to add a cancellation hook that will be called when the subscription is canceled and which contains the addresses of the now ex-subscribers.


The subscription app serves three primary functions:

  1. Empower businesses to unlock revenue streams with a cutting-edge subscription model.
  2. Streamline the allocation of earnings and native assets to your team of contributors, ensuring fair compensation.
  3. Enhance user engagement by rewarding active participants with native assets, fostering a vibrant community ecosystem.


The income generated by our service can fluctuate as new subscribers join and existing ones depart. To ensure our system adapts to these changes in revenue, we’ve developed a method to monitor income closely. Traditional monthly settlements aren’t compatible with blockchain technology, so we’ve adopted a monthly payment approach instead. We calculate a ‘Time-Weighted Average’ of income, breaking it down to a per-second basis to get a clear picture of our earnings throughout the month. This process helps us average out the income over each month, allowing us to make informed decisions and adjustments to our infrastructure based on current financial performance.


Protocol emissions play a crucial role in building a close-knit community of users and contributors for your product. The emissions functionality of this module makes it simple to tailor emission settings to suit your requirements. You set these parameters at the time you create the module, and they’re detailed within the ‘EmissionType’ structure, ensuring you have the flexibility to adjust how rewards are distributed within your community.


The contribution feature in our contract is designed to directly reward users who help develop and enhance your product. Every contributor is recognized with specific ‘Compensation’ settings tailored to them. Here’s how it works:

  • The system’s total revenue is distributed between the organization (DAO) and its contributors, as outlined in the ‘ContributionConfig.’
  • Optionally, token emissions to contributor (and users) are dynamically set based on the protocol’s income. This means if the demand or income decreases, token distributions increase, and they decrease when demand or income goes up.

This approach ensures that those who invest their time and effort into the product are fairly compensated, fostering a motivated community committed to the product’s growth.



If you have suggestions, improvements or want to contribute to the project, we welcome your input on GitHub.


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