Abstract JS

Abstract.js is a comprehensive JavaScript library designed to facilitate seamless interactions with the on-chain Abstract framework. Whether you’re a developer looking to integrate blockchain functionalities into your application or a blockchain enthusiast aiming to explore the Abstract framework, Abstract.js provides the essential tools to make the process straightforward.


  • Easy Integration 🛠️ : Designed with developers in mind, Abstract.js ensures a hassle-free integration process with existing JavaScript applications.
  • Type Declarations 🔍: For TypeScript enthusiasts, Abstract.js comes with type declarations, ensuring type safety and enhancing the development experience.
  • Comprehensive Methods 🌐: From querying blockchain data to sending transactions, Abstract.js covers a wide range of functionalities required for on-chain operations.
  • React Support ⚛︎️: With the @abstract-money/abstract.js-react package, you can easily integrate and manage the Abstract framework in their React applications.


To install the main library:

npm i @abstract-money/abstract.js

For React-specific functionalities:

npm i @abstract-money/abstract.js-react

To read more about the available types and methods, please refer to the Abstract.js Documentation.