SDK Background


Hi and welcome to Abstract, the interchain CosmWasm development platform!

Abstract’s CosmWasm framework is your gateway to taking amazing ideas from concept to reality. Whether you’re a coding genius or just getting started, Abstract has got your back! By building composable modules you’ll be crafting scalable masterpieces in no time.


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Abstract in a Nutshell

Abstract is your one-stop solution for streamlined CosmWasm smart-contract development. We provide an integrated smart-contract framework, continuous deployment tools, robust data management solutions for both on-chain and off-chain needs, and top-tier infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings.

Our products are designed to be composable, allowing you to re-use the components you need to build your applications. While Abstract aims to simplify the development experience, it functions as a powerful tool, enabling you to innovate with less effort.


Coming from 👾EVM👾 ? Be sure to read up on CosmWasm and its differences from EVM in the CosmWasm section.

Why Build with Abstract?

Building decentralized applications is hard! We know this because we’ve been there. We’ve spent countless hours building applications on the Cosmos ecosystem, and we’ve created Abstract with all the lessons we learned along the way to make it easier and faster to build for you.

  • Based on CosmWasm 🌟: The Abstract SDK is built on top of the CosmWasm smart-contract framework, which has been battle-tested and proven to be secure and reliable. This also means that you can leverage the existing tooling and community to accelerate your development process.

  • Chain-Agnostic 🌐: The Abstract platform can support any CosmWasm-based network, even outside the Cosmos ecosystem, giving you the flexibility to choose the best-suited platform for your dApp.

  • Modular Design 🧩: Abstract’s modular architecture allows you to choose from a curated library of smart-contract or develop your own using the Abstract SDK, enabling rapid development and customization. Think of Abstract as a lego set for building decentralized applications, connect the pieces you need and voilà!.

  • Custom Governance 🗳️: All Abstract Accounts can be governed by any entity tailored to your application’s specific requirements. Currently, the Console supports soverign, cw3-flex-multisig, and DaoDao-governed Accounts.

  • Development Tooling 🛠: Abstract offers a vast integration testing library, enabling you to quickly increase test coverage and ensure the reliability of your dApps.

  • Version Management 🔄: Abstract simplifies the process of managing smart-contract versioning, ensuring you can quickly release and access new features and bug-fixes.

  • Ecosystem Integrations 🌱: Abstract is designed to work seamlessly with protocols, projects, and services in the ever-expanding IBC ecosystem; from DEXes, order-books, NFT-marketplaces, to wallets, we got it all!. If you want to know more about our integrations, check out the Integrations section.

Abstract Products

  • CW-Orchestrator: A scripting tool crafted to simplify interactions with CosmWasm smart contracts. It offers macros that generate type-safe interfaces, promoting code readability, and reducing testing and deployment overhead.

  • Abstract JS: A comprehensive JavaScript library designed for easy integration with on-chain Abstract functions. It caters to both developers aiming to embed blockchain functionalities in their apps and enthusiasts exploring the Abstract framework.

  • Abstract App Template: A foundational template for developing apps within the Abstract framework. It provides the essentials for building and integrating new Abstract Apps, facilitating both frontend and smart contract templates.

  • Abstract Testing: A testing utility within the Abstract framework. It focuses on providing mock data creation, querying, and robust unit testing functionalities to ensure the correctness of the framework’s components.

These products collectively support developers in building, testing, and deploying CosmWasm-based applications with enhanced efficiency and security. For more information about Abstract products, please refer to the individual pages of each product.

If you have any questions or ideas you want to discuss about our products, please contact us on Discord.

How to Navigate the Docs

You can read the documentation in the order it is presented, or you can jump to the section that interests you the most! We also have a section with code tutorials that will help you get started with the Abstract SDK if you are more of a hands-on.

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Use Cases

How can you use Abstract? The limit is your imagination, we can’t wait to see what you build! From DeFi applications, to NFT marketplaces, to DAOs, Abstract is the perfect tool to build your next big idea.

See how others are using Abstract in the Use Cases section.

Help and Support

If you feel lost or have any doubts along the way, please reach out to us! We are here to help you!

Want to make Abstract better?

We are always looking for ways to improve Abstract and welcome everybody to contribute to the project. Look at the Contributing & Community section if you want to get involved.