Abstract Glossary

These are some definitions used in our documentation:


A framework designed to simplify the development of decentralized applications in the Cosmos ecosystem. It offers tools and infrastructure for composable smart-contract applications.

Abstract Account

A unique entity within the Abstract framework that can have modules installed onto it, enabling various functionalities. It consists of a Manager and a Proxy contract.


Short for Abstract Account.

Abstract Account Console

A web-based interface that provides functionalities like account management, module management, name service, dev tools, and delegations.

Abstract APIs

Interfaces provided by Abstract to facilitate interactions between the frontend and the on-chain framework.

Abstract Base

The foundational layer of the Abstract framework, upon which other functionalities and modules are built.

Abstract Modules

Pre-built functionalities that can be installed onto an Abstract Account. They come in three types: App, Adapter, and Standalone.

Abstract Name Service (ANS)

An on-chain store that provides chain-agnostic action execution and dynamic address resolution.

Abstract SDK

A toolbox for developers to create composable smart-contract APIs in the Abstract ecosystem. It provides a set of tools and utilities to facilitate the creation and interaction of smart contracts.


A package that provides testing utilities for CosmWasm contracts, focusing on mocking and querying functionalities.


A JavaScript library designed to facilitate interactions with the on-chain Abstract framework.

Account Abstraction

A concept where the Abstract Account acts as a layer abstracting the complexities of blockchain interactions, allowing for a more user-friendly experience.

Account Factory

A contract that facilitates the creation and management of Abstract Accounts.

Account Ownership

The concept that defines who has control and access rights over an Abstract Account. This can be a single entity ( Monarchy) or multiple entities (Multisig).


A type of Abstract Module that acts as an intermediary, translating and routing messages between Apps and external services or protocols.

API Objects

Rust structs in the Abstract SDK that expose specific smart-contract functionalities. They can be used if a contract implements the required features/api traits.


A type of Abstract Module designed to enable specific features or transform Abstract Accounts into standalone products.


A decentralized network of independent, scalable, and interoperable blockchains. The Cosmos ecosystem is built on a set of modular, adaptable, and interchangeable tools, with the Cosmos SDK being its foundational framework. Cosmos aims to create an “Internet of Blockchains” where different blockchains can communicate and transact with each other seamlessly through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.


A smart contract platform built for the Cosmos ecosystem. Within the Abstract framework, CosmWasm serves as the underlying smart contract platform that powers the modular and composable functionalities of Abstract Modules. It allows developers to write secure and interoperable smart contracts in Rust, which can then be integrated into the Abstract ecosystem. By leveraging CosmWasm, Abstract ensures that its modules and applications are both scalable and compatible with the broader Cosmos ecosystem.


CW-Orchestrator is a scripting tool specifically designed to streamline interactions with, testing and deployment of CosmWasm smart contracts.


A module that facilitates Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) within the Abstract framework, allowing for cross-chain interactions.

Integration Testing

Testing that involves deploying the contract and its dependencies to a mock environment to ensure they work together correctly.

JSON Schema Linking

Linking a module’s JSON schema to the Abstract Version Control to improve user experience for developers using the module.

Manager Contract

A contract within an Abstract Account responsible for managing the account’s modules and permissions.

Migration Update

A process within the Abstract framework that allows for the updating or upgrading of modules without compromising the state or data.

Mock Querier

A tool provided by the abstract-testing package to mock Smart and Raw queries for unit testing.

Module Factory

A contract that allows the installation and management of Abstract Modules via the Account Manager.

Module Installation

The process of adding a module to an Abstract Account, specifying its parameters, and initializing it on a specific network.

Module Uploading

The process of compiling a module as a WASM binary and then uploading it to the desired network(s).


A type of account ownership where a single entity has full control over an account.

Move Update

A process that allows for the migration of an Abstract Account from one blockchain to another within the Cosmos ecosystem.


A type of account ownership where multiple entities have control over an account, and a predefined number of them must agree on actions taken.


A unique publishing domain for Abstract modules, associated with an Abstract Account. It’s used to uniquely identify and monetize modules.

Proxy Contract

A contract within an Abstract Account that handles interactions with external contracts and services.

Raw Queries

Simple database key-value lookups without the computational aspect of smart queries.


A systems programming language that focuses on performance, reliability, and productivity. Rust offers memory safety guarantees by using a borrow checker to validate references. It’s known for its “zero-cost abstractions,” meaning developers can write high-level code without sacrificing performance. Rust has gained popularity for blockchain and smart contract development due to its safety features and efficient performance.

Smart Queries

Queries that contain a message in their request and often involve computation on the queried contract.

Version Control

A contract that acts as a registry for all modules and accounts within the Abstract platform.