Tools and Libraries

At Abstract, we are dedicated to expanding the horizons of blockchain development through our innovative and ever-growing suite of products. Our products aim to simplify and enhance the development process, allowing creators to bring their visions to life with efficiency and security.

Abstract App Template

  • Quick Start: Jumpstart your app development with our robust template.
  • Integration Friendly: Easy to integrate with existing systems.
  • TypeScript Support: Build with confidence using TypeScript.


  • Scripting Power: Simplify your interactions with CosmWasm contracts.
  • Macros for Efficiency: Generate type-safe interfaces to streamline your workflow.
  • Code Reusability: Use the same logic for testing and deployment.

Abstract JS

  • Seamless Interactions: Engage with the blockchain from your web application effortlessly.
  • Type Declarations: Develop with type safety in mind.
  • Comprehensive: From queries to transactions, we’ve got you covered.